Getting started on your fitness journey.

At some time in your life you will have something happen which will get you thinking about your current level of health. The thing of it is, your health is directly affected by your level of fitness. The good news is new research clearly shows that people who are more active, no matter what their body composition (the amount of fat tissue in relationship to the amount of lean tissue in your body) are not only fitter but they also reduce their health risks more than non-active people with the same body composition.

Don’t get me wrong because carrying around extra weight still places extra stress on your body, but you don’t have to make weight loss your primary focus when deciding to make healthy changes in your life. Focusing on your weight loss may sabotage your fitness progress. Your primary focus should be make small changes that you know you can commit to until they become habits and then build off of that.

So what should you do:

  • Start off with a small amount of easy exercise and build up the amount and difficulty over time. Five minutes a day of easy to moderate exercise is a great start.
  • Gradually build up the amount of exercise and the difficulty level of the exercise.
  • Monitor by logging or journaling the amount and difficulty of your exercise sessions to assure you are progressing at a rate that suits you.
  • Avoid massive increases in exercise volume in short periods of time.

Questions to ask before you exercise for the first time:

  • Has the doctor ever told you you have a heart condition?
  • Do you feel pain in your chest during physical activity?
  • Have you recently suffered from chest pain at rest?
  • Do you suffer from dizziness?
  • Have you ever lost consciousness?
  • Do you suffer from joint problems that may be made worse by exercise?
  • Are you currently taking drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or a heart condition?
  • Do you know any other reason why you should not participate in exercise?

Remember, your goal is to start out easy. Shoot for 30 minutes of exercise a week for 3 to 4 weeks. Work your way up to the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week. By following these suggestions you will be on your way living a healthier and longer life.



  1. Hi Gary,
    I just started (again) my fitness journey or as like to call it “saving my life journey”
    It’s just the 1st week of my workout at the gym and it’s very chaotic set of exercises (15min. on the treadmill, and for another 35min. weight lifting). It’s very simple but I had to start somewhere because otherwise there’s a change in not going to live for too long 😉


    1. Hi Klaudia,
      Congratulations on re-starting your fitness journey. It sounds like you have some strong motivation. You seem to be on the right track by keeping it simple. That is the best thing you can do.


  2. As a way to remind you of your reason for doing this, place a picture or saying that reminds you of why you are doing this in a prominent place in your house or apartment. For example, tape it to your bathroom mirror. Whenever you are in there, you can’t help being reminded. It will help with motivation.


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